Become a Patient

Choosing a provider at Monarch is required so that we can email you the correct forms.
If you need help choosing, please read the information on each provider
in the slider below to see which provider is the best fit for you.

Monarch Healthcare will reach out to you via the email address you provided above to email you a Release of Information form for you to complete and then either fax or bring to your previous medical provider(s) office.

Once your previous medical records have been received and reviewed by the Provider you chose above, Monarch Healthcare will reach out to you to get you scheduled for a new patient visit. This process can take days to weeks depending on how quickly we receive your medical records.

In the extremely rare instance that you have not seen any medical provider including: Primary/Family Care, Ob/Gyn, Emergency Department or Walk-In Clinics in the past 10+ years, please email us to let us know you do not have any medical records to review.